How to sell gift cards on Tictail

The best way to sell gift cards in your Tictail shop is to create a different product listing for each gift card price you wish to offer and then issue a unique discount code for each card sold.

One of our Tictail Pros, Caroline Hjerpe (, describes the process of issuing the discounts and adding them as products below:

1. Add the product

To add a gift card in your Tictail shop you will first have to add a new product. Take an image of your gift card and set it as the product picture. Add each offered gift card value as different products, all with different prices. Examples of gift card values could be $50, $100, $500, or any other amount suitable for the type of products you sell.

2. Add the discount

To actually enable your customers to be able to use the gift card, you'll need to create a discount for the amount of the card purchased by your customer. Once a gift card has been purchased, go to the Discounts app in your Tictail dashboard and create a new discount. Choose the discount type "Money off", where you enter the value of the purchased gift card. Set the discount title to something like Gift card $100 – 1111. This title will display at checkout when the promotion code is being redeemed, and so will reassure your customer that they are redeeming the correct gift card.

Here's an article with a bit more info on how to create discounts in your shop:

You'll also have to create a specific code for each gift card, so the customer can enter it as "promo code" in your shop's checkout. I use numeric codes, like 1111 or 1234. Essentially, each gift card will have a personal promo code that the customer will enter in your checkout to deduct the amount of the gift card from their purchase in your shop.

P.S. Don't forget to delete each discount once it’s been used! Discounts will not be automatically deleted after its use; you'll have to do this manually once the gift card has been used.

3. Create the gift card

You'll have to then make the gift card that you send out to your customers. There are a few things that you need to have on each card:

- Your actual website and name of your brand/shop. You have to be sure to let the person receiving the gift card know which website they can redeem it in.

- The value of the gift card.

- The code they'll need to enter in the "Promo code" field at checkout.

A little tip: keep it simple and leave room for personal notes from the gift card giver. :)

P.S. If you are using a specific envelope just for the gift card, do not forget to leave it open for the customer to sign and seal!

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