How will I be billed for the commission fee?

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Each brand that launches a shop on Tictail has a marketplace shop in our marketplace. Our marketplace offers exposure to millions of shoppers worldwide, driving increased sales, traffic, and visibility to brands like yours. Customers who place their first order from you through our marketplace are considered Tictail shoppers, and you keep 90% of their purchases – we charge a 10% commission for such sales once a month.

How will I be billed?

You will receive a monthly billing statement for all sales driven through the marketplace during the preceding month. Once a billing period ends, money will not be withdrawn from your account for another two weeks. This is to ensure you will have received payment from shoppers prior to withdrawal.

Settings > Apps & Billing you can see exactly how many sales you’ve received from Tictail shoppers and view all associated commission. This billing statement is separate from your billing for Tictail Apps. 

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How can I pay the commission fee? 

It's possible to pay the commission fee using a credit or debit card or your PayPal account.

Pro tip! You can learn more about how to update your billing information here

Which currency will I be billed in?

Currently, Euro is the billing currency used for all European countries with the exception of Sweden, where SEK is used. For all countries outside of Europe, you will be billed in USD.

Tictail strives to provide currencies best suited for your business and will therefore increase support for local currencies in the future.

How is commission calculated - Are shipping costs or tax included?

The fee is calculated based on the total order amount, including shipping and tax.

Does the fee include the cost of payment providers, i.e. PayPal?

No. Commission does not include costs associated with payment providers such as PayPal.

Will I get the commission back if I refund an order from a Tictail shopper? 

If you refund an order, or make a partial refund of an order, you as a shop owner will also receive a refund of the commission. The commission (10% of the refunded amount) will be deducted from your next upcoming billing. Learn more about how to issue a refund here

You can find more information about Tictail shoppers here. 

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