All about Tictail shoppers

We're so excited about the steps we're taking to grow our global marketplace, and we hope you are too. Below, learn more about Tictail shoppers and what being a part of Tictail's marketplace means for you.

Who are Tictail shoppers?

Each brand that launches a shop on Tictail has a shop in our marketplace. Our marketplace offers exposure to millions of shoppers worldwide, driving increased sales, traffic, and visibility to brands like yours. Customers who place their first order from you through your marketplace shop are considered "Tictail shoppers". You keep 90% of their purchases–we charge a 10% commission for such sales once a month. Additionally, the purchases made by shoppers who place their first order in your custom shop, will remain 100% yours.


The following are considered Tictail shoppers:

– Shoppers who make their first purchase through your marketplace shop. This is applicable on both web and mobile, including iPhone and Android apps.

– Shoppers who make repeat purchases after placing their first order through your marketplace shop, even if subsequent orders are placed through your custom shop.

– Shoppers you have driven from our marketplace to your custom shop (an action that is prohibited in our Terms of Service).

In the future, this list may include shoppers who place their first order through your custom shop or marketplace shop within 30 days of having clicked on an online advertisement that we've paid for. For now, however, those sales will come commission-free.

Then who are my shoppers?

Shoppers who place their first purchase in your custom shop are considered your shoppers. Sales from your shoppers will never come at a commission – not even if they later would place another purchase from you through our marketplace.

The following are considered your shoppers:

– Shoppers who place their first purchase in your custom shop.

– Shoppers who make repeat purchases after placing their first order through your custom shop, even if subsequent orders are placed through the marketplace.

I'd love to receive sales from Tictail shoppers. How do I start?

Getting started is easy. When creating a shop on Tictail, your shop is automatically opted-in to our marketplace. Once you open your shop to customers, we create a marketplace shop for you. After receiving your first Tictail shopper order, you will see an announcement in your Tictail dashboard, where you'll be able to add your payment details. After you've completed this step, all you need to do is sit back and wait for more sales from Tictail shoppers!

How will I know when I get a sale from a Tictail shopper?

All Tictail shopper orders are marked with a yellow Tt badge (like the one in the order details above).

Additionally, in your order details, the source field of the order will specify whether the shopper placed the order through "Your custom shop" or via "Tictail's marketplace".


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