What's the difference between a marketplace shop and a custom shop on Tictail?

In addition to a custom shop, each shop that launches on Tictail has a shop in our world-class marketplace. Here we'll explain a bit more about how both of these work, and what makes them unique.

Your custom shop

Your custom shop is accessible through yoursubdomain.tictail.com. In your custom shop, you'll be able to customize your shop's look to your preference and you'll also be fully in charge of marketing and driving customer traffic to your shop. You can read more about how to customize your shop here.

Here's an example of what Caroline Hjerpe's custom shop looks like:

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Your marketplace shop

Your marketplace shop is located in Tictail's marketplace as another way to market your products. Because our marketplace offers exposure to millions of shoppers worldwide, your marketplace shop allows you to engage with a more widespread community of shoppers—one outside of your existing following (your custom page). On behalf of all shops on the marketplace, we're performing and automating marketing on a large scale. Our team is constantly experimenting, expanding, and optimizing the mediums for all our online advertisements.

While you keep 100% of all sales from the shoppers who purchase products from your custom shop, first and repeat customers from your shop on Tictail's marketplace will come at a 10% commission. 
In other words: you'll keep 90% of all sales from all new shoppers that purchase from your shop on the Tictail marketplace. You'll find a bit more information about Tictail shoppers here: https://tictail.com/cms-trx-faq/

To access your shop page on Tictail, enter this URL in your navigation bar: https://tictail.com/s/yoursubdomain. You can also find your products in the marketplace by searching for your shop's name in the Search Tictail field.

Here is what Caroline Hjerpe's marketplace shop looks like on Tictail:



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