Getting started with your shopper profile

Browse the world's greatest independent brands in fashion, art, and home decor and personalize your Tictail profile with your favorite finds.

Make Tictail yours. In just a few quick steps, our new interactive profile feature will help you find even more to love from our global community of emerging brands. Click here to get started.
Next up, personalize your shopper profile!

To upload a profile image and write a short bio for yourself, simply head over to, log in and hover over your profile to open the settings menu. Click on "Shopper profile" and you'll see a "Edit profile" button. For more details on how to edit your profile, check out our help article on the topic.

Once you've personalized your profile, start browsing and creating your own curated collection on Tictail! 

Three simple tips for finding more of what you love on Tictail:

Follow brands

Anytime you see a shop you like, click the follow button! 

Not only will you then be able to save and revisit the shop, you will also get a weekly email update about new products and collections they add to their shop! You can also stay up-to-date with the brand in the New for You tab. 


Save products

See a product you like? Just click the <3 Save button next to it! It’ll be saved in your Tictail profile. All the products that you like will be saved under your shopper profile.

Follow fellow shoppers

Find inspiration from others shoppers; discover even more you love thanks to some great people with excellent taste.

Here are a few people we recommend checking out to get you started:

Follow Zanita

 Follow Keen Malasarte

Follow Monsieur Jerome


Follow Luke Beard

Follow Lauren Caruso 



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