How to enable US sales tax

We know that tax calculations and regulations can be complicated, and something that many shopkeepers wish could be solved with a click of a button. Therefore, we are more than excited to present our US sales tax feature!

With our US sales tax feature, the tax will automatically be calculated and deducted depending on which state you and your customer are in. All you have to do is enter your zip code and we will do the job for you!

Why should I use this?

It's easy! Instead of worrying about tax calculations, you can instead spend more time on building your brand. We also know that the tax regulations can be a science to understand but with our US sales tax solution, you don't have to think about when or how the calculations should be made.

What is included?

- A fully supported set of tax sourcing rules: Origin based, Destination based or no sales tax.
- Automatic tax calculation including any combination of state, county and city.
- Shipping taxability: It will automatically calculate the shipping tax for those states that require it.
- A constantly updated database with all different tax rates

How do I enable it?

1. To find the US sales tax setting, head to Settings > Location & Legal.

2. Choose United States as your country, pick your state and enter your zip code.

3. Flip the switch to enable it!

4. Done! Easy right?

If you still want to enter your own sales tax, you can of course do so. Please read more about it in this guide.

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