Why can't I find my shop on Tictail?

Tictail.com is largely hand-picked by our in-house editors based on a rotating calendar dictated by seasonality, retail trends, and of-the-world moments. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and would love to include everyone, but at this point cannot promise to accommodate all of the brands on Tictail. 

We are however always working to improve the search function on tictail.com and are exploring ways to better showcase all of the products and shops on Tictail.


How do I find my shop on tictail.com?

You can find your shop by searching for your shop name on tictail.com

To access your shop on the marketplace through a direct link, just enter this URL in your navigation bar: https://tictail.com/s/mystoredomain – and be sure to replace "mystoredomain" with your own subdomain.

As always, you'll also be able to access your shop through mystoredomain.tictail.com or from your own custom domain, if you have one linked to your shop.


How can I improve my shop's discoverability on Tictail?

To get a head-start on boosting your shop's search visibility, here are a handful of helpful tips.

To make your products more discoverable: 

To make your shop more discoverable: 


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