Is it free to start a shop on Tictail?

Tictail offers you two ways to grow: as part of our growing global marketplace, and through your custom shop.

Tictail's Marketplace

Each brand that launches a shop on Tictail has a brand page in our marketplace. Our marketplace offers exposure to millions of shoppers worldwide, driving increased sales, traffic, and visibility to brands like yours. Customers who place their first order from you through our marketplace are considered Tictail shoppers. You keep 90% of their purchases – we charge a 10% commission for such sales once a month. Of course, the purchases made by your customers, those who place their first order from your custom shop, will remain 100% yours.

You can read more about Tictail shoppers here.

Your Custom Shop

Brands eager to take their businesses to the next level have the option to upgrade their account. With Tictail Plus, you'll get the tools and support needed to connect a custom domain, rank higher in search results, and gain access to powerful analytical tools that will help you to turn visitors to your shop into paying customers. Read more about these exciting new features below, or learn how to upgrade straight away. Learn more about Tictail Plus here.

You also have the choice to purchase any number of optional features from the Tictail App Store, all of which have been designed to help your brand grow. You can read more about our apps here or check out our selection in the Tictail App Store.


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