How to set up discounts in the Tictail Android app

Discounts can be used to create campaigns in your Tictail shop. For instance, if you wish to put certain products or your entire stock on sale, you can create a discount with the help of our Discounts feature in the smartphone apps.

1. To manage your discounts, start by clicking the "hamburger" menu located in the top left corner of you screen.

2. In the menu, scroll down and click Discounts.


3. You'll now see an introductory page where you can click the blue + button to create a new discount. If you already have created discounts before, this is also where you'll be able to edit them.

4. When adding or editing a discount you'll be able to set details such as if you want to use a promotion code or if the discount should be applied automatically at checkout. You can choose to give a discount in percentage off, or a set amount, and wether it should apply to all of your products or just a few chosen ones.


5. You'll also be able to choose wether there should be a minimum order value for your shoppers to be able to apply the discount to their order, as well as if there should be a maximum number of uses, or a specific time period for when the discount is valid.

6. Once you saved your discount, you'll be able to see and edit it from the discounts view.


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