Using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

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If you have a marketing budget, paid traffic can be of great use to you! The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing traffic is that you pay for relevant traffic. A lot of people will tell you that they can deliver 100 000 or 500 000 or even 1 000 000 hits for $5, $10 or $15. That traffic will probably not be relevant to you, you'll want traffic that are genuinely interested in your products!

So before we start, let's just mention two abbreviations that you'll see quite frequently: CPC & CPM.

  • CPC stands for Cost per Click. It refers to what it will cost you get one click on your advertisement.
  • CPM stands for Cost per Mille (Thousand). This refers to what it will cost you to show your advertisement for 1000 people.

There are plenty places to pay for traffic, we'll go through the two most common with you: Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

The beauty of these two ad networks is the amount of information they have on their users, yes that's you and me. Since we constantly Google stuff and put up statuses and interests on Facebook, these two companies know quite a lot about us. That comes in really handy now when we want to advertise, since we can target our ads and get relevant traffic to our store!

You might not have heard about Google AdWords, but you've definitely seen them. When using Google AdWords your advertisements will be placed on either Google search result page (see image 1) or on actual websites.

When using Facebook Ads, your advertisement will be shown in either the News Feed or the right column on Facebook, depending on your choice.

To get the relevant traffic you want, you use these two networks very similar although they differ on one main part. Google AdWords uses keywords to pinpoint your audience meanwhile Facebook Ads uses interests. But basically its the same principle.

So if you sell fashion for women then on Google AdWords you might target people who searches for dresses and shoes meanwhile on Facebook Ads you might target people with an interest in fashion or who likes certain brands.

By targeting these people you will ensure that you don't pay for your ad to be shown to someone who doesn't care, this way the traffic will be relevant.

In order to not go over budget, you can set an amount that you're willing to spend each day in order to get more traffic. You can also chose whether you want to go with the CPC or CPM method.

So this guide is only to get you an understanding of what these advertising networks are about. For further reading we've collected some useful links you can go through and become a pro when it comes to paid advertising.


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