How to connect your Twitter account

If you connect your Twitter account to your Tictail store you will receive notifications in your feed from time to time asking you to share products with your friends. By connecting your Twitter handle, you'll be able to tweet directly from your Tictail dashboard. Start building hype around your brand on Twitter!

To connect your Twitter account to your Tictail store: 

1. You should see a feedcard in your Tictail dashboard prompting you to connect your Twitter account. Just click on the feed card to make the connection. 

If you have already removed this feed card, you can still find the option to connect your Twitter account under Settings > Your Account in your Tictail dashboard.

2. Under Social, click the Twitter Connect button.

2. Once you click the Twitter Connect button, you will be directed to a pop-up displaying a log in screen and some additional information. Here, fill in your Twitter log-in information to connect it to Tictail.

3. Once the connection is complete, you will see your Twitter handle listed under Twitter Account in the Account settings of your Tictail dashboard. Happy Tweeting!

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