How to change your "Mark as shipped" message

To customize the message your shoppers will receive when you mark their order as shipped: 
1. Head to Settings > Shipping in your dashboard.

2. Find the Message template under Shipping Message.

3. If you haven’t edited this message before, you will see the pre-filled shipping message. 

We have used some placeholders in the text. These will automatically be replaced with your store and/or order information. For example, in the template you could write:

Hey, {customer_name}!

Our system will automatically replace {customer_name) with your customer's actual name when you send his or her specific "Mark as shipped" message.

There are four placeholders you can use in the message template: 

  • {customer_name}: The name of the customer receiving the order
  • {store_name}: The name of your store
  • {store_url}: Your store’s URL 
  • {store_email}: Your contact email, if you have provided us with one

4. Customize the message to suit your shop and your brand's style. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to save the template!
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