How to add variations

Does your products come in different sizes, colors, makes or materials? Then you can add them as separate variations.

Add variations

1. Start by adding a new product in the Product tab of your Tictail dashboard, or by opening up an existing product listing.

In the individual product screen, click "Add variation".

2. Give each variation of the product a name and quantity.

Please note! At the moment, you can only add one variation per product. If you offer two variations of a product, for example, different sizes and different colors, we have two possible solutions for you:

a) You could upload each color of a product as a separate product and use the variation function to differentiate between sizes -- just like clothing store MAMAMA has done. 


b) You could also create variations that include both size and color, just like Mimositos mimitos has done for their slippers.



Set prices for your variations

3. If you have variations that you want to sell at different prices, click the Add pricing link to turn on variation prices.


4. For each variation, click the
Add price link to add your price.


5. In the new window, enter a price for your variation. You can also enter a sale price in this step. Click Add price to set the new price.


Remove variations

6. Just as easy as adding the variations, you can also remove them. Click the x to the right of the variation you wish to delete.



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