How to add meta tags

You can use Meta tags on Tictail to set up a Google merchant account and to control how your site title and description are displayed on different social platforms. Here, we will show you how to add meta tags to your store.

In this guide, we are going to use Google Merchant as an example since it is one of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to meta tags.

If you already have the meta tag you are trying to add, you can jump to step 3 right away.


1. Start by going to the Google Merchant site and signing up.

Enter the necessary information "About your business" and accept their Terms & Conditions.

Under "Website Verification" you will have to select "Alternative methods" since there is no way of uploading a file provided by Google to your Tictail store.

2. Select HTML tag.

Google will supply you with a meta tag that you will have to insert in your store's HTML code for Google to able to verify your store. Copy this meta tag and head over to your Tictail dashboard.

3. Open your Tictail store theme editor under Settings > Store Design > </> .

Paste the meta tag you copied from Google into the head section of your HTML code. Preferably in connection to the other meta tags in your code, but anywhere in the <head> section will do the trick.

4. Complete the process in your Google tab by clicking the "Verify & Claim" button in step 2, and you are good to go!

Google has also put together an informative help article including a video that can be helpful if you are new to meta tags that can be found here.


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