Customizing your marketplace shop

Give your shop a personalized touch with a cover image, logo and short description. Why? Shops with a cover image and logo get better visibility in our marketplace!

To access your marketplace shop, just enter this URL in your navigation bar: Be sure to replace "myshop" with your own Tictail domain.

Here's how to customize your marketplace shop:

1. Head to Settings > General.

2. Write a short description of your shop - just explain what your shop is all about in a sentence or two.

3. Upload your logo by clicking on the + and selecting one of your own files.

4. Upload your cover image by again clicking on the + and selecting another one of your own files.

5. Just click save, and take a look at your updated marketplace shop by going to 

Here are some pro tips for uploading a great cover photo:

- The best images are those of you in your creative environment, not necessarily of a specific product.
- We recommend using images with 563 pixels in height and 1000 pixels in width, which will display well on both desktop and on smaller mobile devices. 

You can find few more tips here: 

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More Product Images = More Sales


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