What does the Klarna app do?


Did you know that if you live in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway or Sweden, your customers don’t have to pay upfront with Stripe or PayPal? 

With Klarna, one of Europe's leading online payment solutions, your customers can pay by invoice and installments, allowing you to significantly increase your sales!

The app is free, however normal Klarna fees apply.

Once you have a Klarna account, all you need to do is connect it. With your Klarna account and the app connected, you will be able to receive payments with invoices integrated in your dashboard.

All campaigns that Klarna runs, such as Christmas campaigns where customers don’t have to pay until after the holidays, will also be integrated into your dashboard!

What you get with Klarna

  • Increase your sales - Klarna maximizes conversion by making it easier and safer for your customers to shop. 
  • Zero risk - Klarna covers 100% of the credit and fraud risk, and guarantees that you always get paid.
  • Easy to use - Klarna is fully integrated with Tictail and it’s super easy to get started. Automated invoicing minimizes your work load.



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