Setting up your shipping options

Read more here if you're setting up your shipping in the Tictail iOS or Android app

You can add as many shipping options and destinations as you'd like in your shop. We recommend creating a different shipping option for each country or destination that requires a unique price.

We'll go into more detail on you how to set up your shipping options here: 

1. Start by going to Settings > Shipping in your Tictail dashboard.

2. Click on "Add shipping option" to get started.

3. First, you'll need to decide which kind of rate you'd like to charge. You have three options here, the first is to charge a flat shipping rate, which will apply one standard price to all orders placed in your shop.

4. Your second option is to charge per product, which allows you to apply a different shipping rate to each product in your shop.

Enter the price of shipping for the first item purchased under Price first product. The Price additional product field allows you to charge an supplementary shipping fee for each additional product the shopper purchases. For example, if you're selling posters, your customers will be charged $5 in shipping for the first poster they purchase, and $2 in shipping for each additional poster they purchase in your shop.

5-6. The "Exceptions" section gives you the option of selecting products that require a different price than the standard. If, for example, you're selling a product (something like heavier pieces, smaller items, or something that requires special shipping and handling), click "Add exceptions" to select the product(s) to which this alternative will not apply. Then, enter the price of shipping for each "exceptional" product.

7. Your third and final option would be to create a free pick up option. Use this if you have a physical shop, warehouse, or workshop where shoppers can pick up their order for free.

8. When writing your free pick-up title, make sure it's clear to the shopper that they will need to physically pick up their order. As for additional information, you might want to let them know how they will know when their order is ready for pick-up. Lastly, remember to give the shopper the pick up address so they'll know where they can get their order.

9. Most importantly, determine where you'll be shipping your products to. To select this option's shipping destination(s), you can simply type in and select the region, country or state. Please note that you can only select states or provinces if your shop is located in the US, Spain, Portugal or Canada. If there are any regions that you would like to exclude from this option, add them under "Option not available to".

10. Now let's get into the "Details". Here, you should enter the title of your shipping option (either the service provider you will use or the region to which this alternative will apply). Then, do your best to estimate the delivery time required for the shipment of your product, from the time the customer places the order until they have it in their hands. Be sure to also provide additional information about this shipping alternative, in case you need to clarify anything for your shoppers.

11. Some shipping providers require a phone number in order to deliver the package to your customers. You can now make the phone number field mandatory for your shipping option by checking "Require shopper's phone number to complete checkout".

12. Lastly, under "Offers" you have the option of offering free shipping to shoppers that spend over a certain amount in your shop. All you have to do is toggle the switch and enter a minimum amount in the box "If cart total is over this amount". 

Shoppers spending over that determined amount will not pay for shipping. If you do not wish to offer free shipping to your customers, you can simply leave the "Offer free shipping" toggle off.

Note: The price threshold for free shipping only considers the total price BEFORE any discounts are applied. Example: Orders over 200 USD get free shipping, and one of your customers is purchasing for 200 USD. Your customer then applies a discount code and gets 50% off. The customer will have met the price threshold and will thus receive free shipping since it does not take discounts into consideration when checking the order total against the free shipping threshold.

13. All you need to do is make sure you've saved your changes, by clicking the green "Save" button and, that's it -- you're ready to ship!


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