How to set up shipping in the Android app

1. To create or edit shipping options, start by clicking the "hamburger" menu in the top left corner of the screen. 

2. Scroll down and click on "Shop settings" in the menu.


3. Click on "Shipping alternatives".

4. Here you can create new shipping alternatives to offer to your shop's customer by tapping the blue + button in the bottom right corner or edit your existing shipping alternatives.


5. You can decide which kind of rate you'd like to charge. The first option is to charge a flat shipping rate, which will apply one standard price to all orders placed in your shop.

6. The second option is to charge per product, which allows you to apply a different shipping rate to each unique product in your shop. 

Enter the price of shipping for the first item purchased under Price first product. The Price additional product field allows you to charge an supplementary shipping fee for each additional product the shopper purchases. For example, if you're selling posters, your customers will be charged $5 in shipping for the first poster they purchase, and $2 in shipping for each additional poster they purchase in your shop.


 7. To save the shipping alternative, just tap the green button in the bottom right corner and you're all set!

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