How to start a shop in the Tictail iOS app

Starting a Tictail shop through our smartphones app is super easy. We've taken care of all of the nitty gritty tech-stuff so that you can spend your time building your brand identity instead! Your business, images, and products will really get to shine in your shopfront and on

1. Download the app

You can download our smartphone apps here.

2. Set up your shop's general settings

When you first start your shop we will automatically fetch some of your information for you, but you will be required to fill out several fields. Know that you can always change your settings later on. 

3. Your shop's basic information and appearance

You can add a logo image for your shop that will be displayed in the Marketplace as well as in the Tictail Mobile App. In the same section, you can easily edit your shop title and a description.

Use your profile to tell your customers your story -- show them where it all began!

4. Start adding products 

Just click the "+ ADD PRODUCT" button, enter the product name, and fill in the other necessary details. Know that you can always go back to edit your products later.

This is also where you create and edit your shop's categories. It is usually a good idea to think about how many categories you want, and what they should be called, since they will serve as your shop's navigation links.

4. Tax, Shipping, and Legal settings

To access or modify your shop's VAT or tax settings, shipping options, and other administrative parameters, go to the Settings section of the Tictail Mobile App.

When you feel like your shop is ready to meet the wonderful world of Tictail, flip the "Open to customers" switch (also located under settings) and your shop will now be open to the public. Go get 'em!


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