How to get started with Tictail Talk

We are thrilled to introduce Tictail Talk - the newest way for you to communicate with your customers.

We want to bring the stories of entrepreneurs and independent brands to life. Your customers want to be able to get to know you, your brand, and your story. In order to give them the most unique, yet personalized online shopping experience possible, we have developed Tictail Talk.

Want to learn more about how customers can reach you through Tictail Talk? Have a look here.

What is Tictail Talk?

Tictail Talk works just like any standard messaging app. To use Talk on your Tictail mobile app or your web dashboard, simply click the Talk message icon. Here customers can ask you about your brand, shipping options, return policy, products, sizing, etc, and you can easily respond to all of their questions right in the same conversation.

What can I do with Tictail Talk?

Creating a personalized shopping experience for your customers has never been easier.

Tictail Talk lets you:
1. Personally respond to your customers' questions or concerns with private messages
2. Offer customers discounts, suggest products from your shop, and send additional images of your items
3. Send updates, offers or newsletters to your shop's followers or previous customers via Promotions.


In your Tictail Talk conversation, every important milestone will be logged as a special message called a card. It is possible to send any product, discount, or image to your customer as a card. Likewise, a card will be automatically created when your customer places an order and you mark the order as shipped.


Promotions let you send messages to multiple customers or followers at the same time. In the first version of Tictail Talk, you can choose to send messages to 1) your shop's followers that have not yet made a purchase or 2) previous customers of your shop.

We suggest using this feature to send discounts to your followers to encourage them to make their first purchase, or notify your existing customers that you just updated your shop!

How do I create and send a promotion?

1. Click "+ New Promotion" to start creating your new promotion

2. Start by selecting the type of promotion. You have 3 different options: send a product, share a discount or send an image. You can add a message to any of these options in step 5.

3. When you have selected a type, it's time to choose who should receive this promotion. You can choose from Followers without purchases or Customers.

4. If you 1) selected product for your promotion, as in this example, you will now get the option to choose the product you wish to share. If you 2) selected discount, you can choose from a list of your discounts. And if you 3) selected image, you will be able to select an image from the image gallery on your device.

5. Next step is to write a message that will be sent along with your product, discount or image.

6. Last step is to send the promotion. If you are happy with the result, just click "Done". Please note that your promotion will be sent to everyone within the receiver group. If you want to continue, just click "Send it now".

How will I know if someone sends me a message on Tictail Talk?

New messages from your customers will appear in the "Talk" tab. If you don't open a new Tictail Talk message within a couple minutes, you will automatically receive a notification to your account email address.

What happens if my customer doesn't have Tictail Talk?

No worries. If your customers don't yet use Tictail Talk, the message will automatically be sent to their email address. Similarly, if a customer, who does use Tictail Talk, doesn't check the message within a few minutes, your message will be sent to their email address.  

Where can I find Tictail Talk and my conversations?

You can find Talk both on the Tictail mobile app (click here for iOS download, or here for Android) or by logging in to your web dashboard.

Any questions about Tictail Talk? Don't hesitate to talk to Tictail!


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