Can I create a multi-language store on Tictail?

There is not yet a built-in feature for multiple languages on Tictail. Although this is definitely a feature that we would like to provide in the future, this is not currently in the pipeline (we are working on some other massively exciting stuff though!) and it's therefore difficult for us to give a time frame for the project.

But, no need to fret, there are actually awesome third party tools that you can use for this purpose! is one of those. With Bablic you can add language icons to your shop, which your visitors can click to change to their preferred language. Check it out here! :)

If you want to create a multi-language store with Tictail without an external tool, but know a bit of HTML/CSS, there is one way to do this. You can open two different stores on Tictail and link them together in your shop's menu! As a standard you can have your store in either Danish, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR), Spanish or Swedish. If you wish to translate your store(s) you can do so in the theme editor using HTML/CSS. Everything except the cart and checkout process is customizable from the theme editor, so just go ahead and translate your store to the language of your choice! Finally, link them together in your shop's menu (also using HTML/CSS). 

You can read more about translating a Tictail store here.

To learn more about creating tabs/links in your navigation bar (eg. between two Tictail stores), please have a look here.

You could also just implement Google translate to your store and have Google do all the translation work for you! :) Please read more about this here.

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