How to add Google Translate to your storefront

Want your store in another language than those that Tictail offers? Here's a fix for you!

Google Translate is a translating service provided by Google that you can integrate into your own storefront. This service makes your customers able to translate your entire storefront into any preferred language, with just one click!

1. Start by going to Google Translate's Manager Wesbite. There, click on "Add to your website now".

2. Under "Website Info", fill in your store URL and set your original language. When you're done, just hit "Next".

3. In the next step "Plugin Settings", all the options are optional. In the example we choose to keep all the default settings as you'll see below. Have a look and see if there is anything you'd like to change, before you go to the next step.

4. Now you'll get the code you need. Simply copy the whole code snippet and over to your Tictail code editor.

5. In your code editor (in your dashboard under Settings > Store Design > </>), choose where in your store you'd like to put your translator and place your code snippet there.

We chose to put it right under the search bar. In the Reconnaissance-theme this would be on row 502, but you just can search for the {{search}} tag - and paste your Google translate snippet under this block. Please note that this position might not be optimal for all themes, and you will need to take into consideration where the translate window would look the best in your chosen theme.

6. Make some space for the new code and then paste it in place under the {{search}} tag (or anywhere you would like the translator to be located). Hit "Save" in your top right corner, and you're done!

7. Your Google Translator should now be visible in your store! By putting it under the search bar, we figure it will be discrete enough not to distract from your store's design, but will still catch your customers' attention.

8. Test it out by changing the language! We tried Japanese. Suddenly our store looks like this - pretty cool!

Way too easy to have your store translated into almost 100 languages, right? :)


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