Creating and editing your navigation

You can add up to two layers of navigation, meaning one menu and one submenu, that will be displayed in the navigation bar of your shop. By setting up a navigation you can categorize your products and make them easier to find.

To create different menu items in your navigation:

1. Go to the Products section in your dashboard, click on any uploaded product, scroll down and hit the Add navigation button. From here you can add menu items and submenu items. These will be the product categories in your shop.


2. Start by creating a main menu item. These will show up in your navigation bar. You can add as many menu items as you like.


3. If you mark the main menu item you just created, you will get the option to create a submenu item. You can also create as many submenu items you want!


Pro tip! If you wish to have your product visible in several menu items, just check the box for each item.

Editing the menu items in your navigation:

4. Editing your navigation is just as easy! Click the three little dots to the right of your menu item and you will get the options to either rename or delete it.


Changing the order of your menu items:

5. To the left of each menu item, you can find a drag icon. Use this icon to simply drag and drop the menu item to the new position.



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