How to add a footer

Help your customers navigate your store by adding a footer to your storefront. There, you can add links to your store's pages, social media sites, your About page, return policy or any pretty much any other link you can think of.

1. Scroll to the bottom of your code and find the last </div> and before all <script> tags. There, add the following code: 


2. Now add some content. Between the footer tags, you can add links by using <a> tags.

They look like this for external links:

<a href=""></a>

And like this if you want to link to another part of your Tictail store: 

<a href="{{store_url}}/page/yourpage"></a>

Just remember to replace the links with your own. :)

To create a button for your link (to give your visitors something to click on), you will also need to add a word, sentence or image between the a tags. Any text you add after the link in the tag will be visible in your footer. In the example, the footer has three links - Facebook, About and Blog

3. When you have added all your links, click save - and you've got yourself a footer! 

Pro tip! You can style your footer with a little bit of CSS. If you are not comfortable with CSS, I recommend you browse through these guides to learn some basics.

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