How to add and edit products

Your online shop isn't really a shop without your products, right? Let's go through how to add products on Tictail!

1. Start by heading to the Products tab in your dashboard.

2. Click the Add product button.

3. Upload your images by clicking +. We recommend uploading them in as high quality as possible. 

Pro tip! Products with many images are a lot more popular among customers! We recommend at least 4 different photos.

4. Enter your product's title, price and description.

Pro tip! Make sure your description is clear and has all the information a customer might need: like size, material, details etc.

5. Great news! You can now categorize your products with our category index list. You can choose up to three levels of categorization.

Please note! This will not affect the menu items you have added to your shop. We added this categorization to improve search and visibility, for Tictail Market and SEO, among other reasons.

6. Enter the quantity of your product. You can choose from a specific number or unlimited.

7. Do you have different sizes, colors or other variations of the same product? No worries, just click Add variation and you can add as many variations as you want. 

Want to know more about variations? Jump down to our section about variations here!

8. If you want to add your product within a specific menu item, click Add navigation and choose from the list. If you haven't created any menu items yet, click Add menu item and name it.

Pro tip! These menu items will be shown on your storefront, give them a clear name to make sure your customers understand it. You can read more about adding navigation here.

9. Now, all you have to do is save your new product!

Adding Variations:

If you have different variants of your product, i.e colors, sizes, materials etc, you can add variations to your product!

At the moment, you can only add one variation per product. If you offer two variations of a product, for example different sizes and different colors, we have two possible solutions for you:

1. You could upload each color of a product as a separate product and use the variation function to differentiate between sizes–just like clothing shop MAMAMA has done.

2. You could also create variations that include both size and color, just like Mimositos mimitos has done for their slippers.

Can I have different prices on different product variations?

Tictail only supports one price per product at this point; you cannot, unfortunately, offer different prices for different variations of a product. 

As a workaround to this limitation, we suggest that you upload each variation with a different price as a separate product and use the product title to indicate that each product is a variation. The benefit being that customers quickly can gain an overview of all your products and there is also, from a visual perspective, more to choose from!

Here's an example of how Jorge de la Cruz has used product titles to differentiate between products with varying prices.

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