Changing my custom shop design

You can either pick one of our beautiful ready-made themes or create your own theme on Tictail. 

1. Go to your Settings > Store Design in your dashboard.


2. You will see your shop's current theme; to change it, click "Change Theme".


3. Browse the list of themes; if you click on one, you will see it previewed to your left. Once you find a theme you like, click "Use Södermalm", for example, to apply it to your shop.


4. The new theme will now be applied to your storefront. Yay! If you want to return to your dashboard simply click the "Back" button.

To edit the HTML and modify or create your own theme

4. Go to your Settings > Store Design in your dashboard. Click the </>-icon to display your shop's code.


5. Boom! Our themes are neatly coded so you'll be able to easily make any changes you'd like. You can preview your code by clicking on the "Preview" button. After you're done editing the code don't forget to click "Save"!

Pro tip! Want to learn more about template tags? Dive into this this guide on how to use template tags in your theme.


6. You'll now see that your current theme is a custom one.


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