What to do when you're on vacation

Going on vacation or know that you won’t be able to ship orders for a while? Don't forget to tell your shoppers! 

You can avoid a lot of confusion and frustration by being upfront; this way, shoppers won’t be worried if their product doesn't arrive right away or if they get a delayed answer to their question via e-mail.

Here are a few great ways to tell you're shoppers you're on vacation:

  • Create an auto-response for your primary contact email 
  • Update on your blog to let your followers know you're away
  • Add text to your product descriptions and/or shipping settings to let customers know that the item won't ship for X weeks
  • If you know a bit of HTML and CSS you could build a notification to display in your shop
  • Use the Sendicate app to send out a newsletter with your vacation dates
  • Post on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to give your people the update

Another super simple solution is to close your shop (Settings > General > Store status) just for the period you’re away. Once you’re back you can open it again - nothing will have changed while you're gone!

Tip! Inform people two weeks before you leave and encourage them order now to get products in time. 

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