How to change your favicon

A favicon is the icon that is displayed in your browser tab. 

To change your store's favicon:

1. Go to your Dashboard and click on Settings > Store Design.

2. Click on the </>-icon to access your shop's HTML and CSS code.

3. Open up a new tab in your browser. Then, head on over to Icon J to create and host your new Favicon. There, you will receive a block of code that you will need to copy and paste into your shop's code.

4. Right under the "<head>" tag, paste the code that you've copied from the favicon hosting site. Click Save located at the top right of your code page. 

5. Now check out your new Favicon! Please note that you cannot see your Favicon while still in your dashboard (since you are still on Tictail's domain). Please open a tab in your browser and go to your storefront, and you'll be able to see it! :)



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