Adding Google Analytics tracking to your custom shop

Google Analytics tracking is available as part of our Plus plan.

Enabling Google Analytics on your Tictail shop allows you to see detailed reports of how visitors are using your custom shop. You’re only a few steps away from understanding how Instagram activity leads to sales or how well your Google AdWords campaigns are performing.

Have you already set up your Google Analytics Tracking ID and are looking to enable Ecommerce Tracking in your reports? Please follow the instructions in this help article.

Before we begin make sure you have removed any existing Google Analytics tracking code in your custom shop's theme code, if you know that you have manually implemented one previously.

Next up will be locating your tracking ID. If you already got your tracking ID at hand, skip straight to Adding your tracking ID to your custom shop.

Locating the Google Analytics tracking ID

Go to your Google Analytics account and copy your tracking ID and head over to your Tictail dashboard. You can read more about how to find your tracking ID here.

Adding your tracking id to your custom shop

Now it's time to add the tracking ID to your shop. Here's how:

1. In your Tictail dashboard, go to Settings > General

2. Find the “External tracking” section. Enter your tracking ID in the “Google Analytics Tracking ID” field and press save.

Congratulations! You've set up Google Analytics tracking and will now be able to see reports of how visitors are using your custom shop.


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