How are the stats in my dashboard calculated?

In your dashboard you can view stats for visitors, sales and followers.

For both visitors and sales, you'll see one larger number and one smaller number. The larger number shows the total number of visitors/sales in the last 7 days and the smaller number shows the number for the week prior. The small arrow pointing up or down indicates whether your total visitors/sales has increased or decreased the past 7 days.

To read more about your followers and the follow feature on Tictail, check out this article. For more on how to promote your store and to increase visitors, sales and followers, take a look at our guides on how to use social media to market your store and how to use Google Adwords and Facebook Ads!

If you want to get more detailed statistics about your store, we recommend that you integrate Google Analytics into your store. We also recommend adding our app Enjoy Analytics that lets you integrate Google Analytics into your dashboard with just one click.


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