How to connect your Facebook account

If you connect your Facebook account to your Tictail store you will receive notifications in your feed from time to time asking you to share products with your friends. Share your products and give your friends updates about your Tictail store to start building hype around your brand!

Please note: at this time, it's only possible to connect a personal Facebook profile to your Tictail shop; you cannot unfortunately connect your Facebook Business Page. 

To connect your personal Facebook profile to your Tictail store: 

1.  Go to Settings > General in your Tictail dashboard.

2. Click on the Facebook Connect button under "Social" at the bottom of the page. You will automatically be logged into the Facebook account that you are logged into in your browser.

If you wish to change the account connected to your Tictail store, you will have to log out of your Facebook profile on and, on their site, log into the account you wish to connect to your Tictail store. Then, just go back to Settings > General in your Tictail dashboard and connect the new Facebook account.


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