What your shop's checkout will look like if you connect a Stripe account

When connect a Stripe account to your Tictail shop there will be new functions available to your shoppers and your checkout will look a bit different. 

Here are the most important new features:

1. When you have Stripe, the credit card option will be pre-selected by default. It will replace the PayPal credit card option.

2. Your shoppers will enter their billing information directly into your Tictail shop's checkout, they will not be redirected to any external pages.

3. To reduce the risk of credit card fraud and identity theft shoppers are required to provide the postal/zip code associated with the credit card at checkout.

4. The shopper's card type will be automatically detected when entering their card number and number of other visual cues that make the form easier and faster to fill.

Here's an idea of how it will look in your shop's checkout:

Tictail Checkout Flow With Stripe from Tictail on Vimeo.

Don't have a Stripe account yet? Learn how to get one here.


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