How to link to your blog

Linking to your blog will help increase traffic to your shop and build a better rapport with your customers. 

If you don't yet have a blog, we recommend getting started on one of our favorite blogging platforms -- check out TumblrWordpress and Blogger.

Okay, let's connect your blog to your store:

1. In the general settings of your Tictail dashboard, scroll down to "Social", click "Link to your blog," and enter your blog's direct URL in the text field.

2. And that's it -- you're already done! You will now see a link to your blog in the menu of your shop.

Integrate your blog into your Tictail store

Wondering how these Tictailers integrated their blogs and personal websites into their shop?

If you browse through these stores, you'll notice that when you go to their blog, only the URL changes -- the design remains the same. What they've done is customize their store and website/blog to resemble each other. To accomplish this you will definitely need to have some knowledge of HTML/CSS.

With some HTML/CSS skills you can make these customizations yourself, but if you don't know how, you can always find a freelance web designer to optimize your blog's integration for you! 


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