Why are my products not sorted correctly?

Some of you might have noticed that for some themes, the order of the products is sometimes not honoured. That is, the order of your products in your storefront is not consistent with the arrangement you have chosen for your products in your Dashboard. This is due to the fact that some of our themes use a library to display your product grid called Masonry. Masonry does not guarantee that the list of products you provide will be displayed in the order they are provided. This is due to the ambiguity of what the "correct" order of products is when dealing with image thumbnails of different sizes and dimensions.

There is unfortunately nothing we can do about this for now, until we find a more permanent solution to how to display a correctly ordered product grid; but we believe that it is only fair that we inform you so that you are aware of this minor limitation. Of course, you are more than encouraged to rework your chosen theme and find a workaround!

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this might cause and urge you to contact us at tictail.com/ask if you have any questions!

The following themes use Masonry and thus do not guarantee a correct sorting of your product list:

  • Box Modern
  • Isbjörn
  • Stockroom
  • Reconnaissance
  • Helvetism
  • Dark & Glossy
  • Tradition & Style
  • Action

Tip! One way to work your way around this is to make the product "boxes" all in the same size. This includes having the same size on all product images and have product titles in similar length. If all products are in the same sizes and dimensions, Masonry doesn't need to move the thumbnails around to make them fit the grid.

Here's how it looks with different box sizes:

And here's how it looks when all boxes are the same size:

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