How do I export my orders?

Update: We have made the order export even better!

First of all, we have made the export process smoother and easier, especially for all shops with loads of orders. You can now trigger an export, close the window and the export will finish up in the background. When it's done, you can simply log in and download it directly from your dashboard.

The new order export format also includes each product on its own row which gives you a better overview of all products you have sold and which are your top sellers.

If you want to learn how to export your orders in Tictail, just follow these steps and you'll get your orders exported into CSV or Excel.

1. Start by going to Orders in your Tictail dashboard. You can either choose a whole folder to export.

2. Or search for something specific - like name for example.

You can, among other identifiers, search by order ID, customer name and address, email and transaction ID. For the full list of search options, take a look through this blog post

3. When you have decided on what you're exporting, click the three dots on the right side of the search bar. 

4. Choose CSV or Excel - and the file will be exported!


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