How to change your shop's currency

You can choose to display your product prices in any one of Tictail's available currencies. It all depends on where you and your primary customers reside.

If you are planning to sell locally in Sweden, for example, Swedish kronor is probably the way to go. Aiming to go global right away? Maybe USD or Euro would be a good choice.

No matter which currency you choose to display in your shop, know that customers from all over the world will be able to buy your products. 

In this article we'll go through how you can change your currency and some tips for what to do if you can't find your currency or want to add multiple currencies in your shop.

To set up or change your shop's currency: 

1. Head on over to Settings > Location & Legal.

2. Pick the currency that you wish to display your product prices in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Can’t find your currency?

There are some currencies that we cannot support due to PayPal limitations. But don’t sweat it! If you want to add one of them we have two different workarounds for that!

You can write out your local currency in the product title or in the description.

Here’s a guide on how to add your currency of choice in the product title.

3. Pick a currency that’s available in the list, for example US Dollars.

4. Head over to "Products" and click on one of them to edit it. Write down the price in your local currency, for example Colombian Peso, in your product title.

5. Click "Save" and voilà! Now you can display prices in whichever currency you want!

Want to use multiple currencies?

The easiest way is to activate currency conversion in your custom shop is to activate our built-in currency conversion features. This will automatically convert your prices to any of our supported currencies for your global customers. You can read about how to activate this feature here.

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