Having problems at checkout?

Are you experiencing issues in the Tictail checkout? No worries, let's solve it together right away!

In this article we'll go through the following areas.

Is the problem with Tictail or PayPal?
First of, we need to see where the problem lies. That is, if it’s on PayPal’s end or on ours. A great way to determine where the problem occurs is to look at which stage you're in at check out and at the error message.

Error on PayPal's end 
If the error message appears when you've been transferred to PayPal (check the URL to be sure), the problem is occurring on their side. Image 1 shows an example of an error message on PayPal's end. In this case we're sorry that we need to direct you to PayPal's support.

Error message on Tictail's end
If the error message appears when you're still on Tictail's part of the checkout process, please read the error message to determine what kind of problem there could be. Image 2 shows what an error message on Tictail's end looks like. However, please note that the error could still be with PayPal. Below, we have listed the different types of error messages that are shown at this stage and given instructions on how to proceed.

"The discounts you are trying to use are no longer available. Please reload the page and try again.

The discount code that the customer is trying to use is no longer available. The customer is asked to reload the page and try once more. If it still doesn't work we suggest that you as a storekeeper check to see that the discounts at hand are still active in your Discounts app.

"The shipping option you selected is not available in your country."

If a customer tries to select a shipping option that's not available for the country they have added in their shipping address, they won't be able to complete the purchase. Please ask them to select the correct shipping option. If you don't ship to their country, Tictail recommends them to email the storekeeper to see if you can make an exception.

"PayPal returned an error. Please try again later."

This means than an error occurred on PayPal's end. Please try again later or contact PayPal to see if they are able to solve the issue.

"Order has already been handled."

The order has already been processed and the customer needs only to wait for their order confirmation.

"The personal number you have provided seems to be invalid."

This error message can be shown to customers using Klarna as a payment option. Klarna requires customers to enter their Swedish "personal number" which needs to be valid.

"You must agree to the Klarna terms and conditions."

This error message can be shown to customers using Klarna as a payment option. Klarna requires customers to agree to the terms and conditions.

"We have been notified and will fix it shortly."

This is an error on our end. Our system automatically notifies us and we look into the issue. The best thing is to ask your customer to try again shortly.
How do I get in touch with PayPal?
The best way to get in contact with PayPal regarding issues together with your Tictail store is through their Merchant Technical Support.
You’ll find the Merchant Technical Support help center here.
And you can find them on Twitter here
Common Problems with PayPal

1. I can’t make a test purchase in my store
One of the most common problems isn’t really a problem at all. :)
If you already have a PayPal account and your credit card connected to that account, you can’t make purchases without logging in to your account.
If you try to make a purchase with a credit card that’s connected to PayPal you’ll get an error saying, “The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number.” as you can see in image 3.

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