Updating or changing a review

Reviews are a great way to give feedback to a shop owner and show him or her what you loved about their product or service. It is also something that will help fellow shoppers like yourself purchase from emerging brands around the world with confidence.

You can review your order as soon as the estimated delivery time has passed, and up to 60 days after the order was placed.

Sometimes you might want to update a review–perhaps you want to add a comment or change the rating.  
Maybe the shop owner provided you with excellent service after your initial review, which made you want to boost their rating!

Update your review in My Purchases

1. Go to My Purchases in your menu.


2. In My Purchases, find the order you wish to edit the review for and click Update review.


3. On the review page you can change your initial review so that it reflects the service you have received. When you are done with your changes simply press Submit and you're done!


Want to update your review, but don't have an account on Tictail?

Go to your mailbox and search for "Review your order from ...". Click on the review link and you'll get to the review page where you can update your initial review (see step 3 above).


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