Tictail Community Guidelines

Tictail is made up of a growing community of shoppers and shop owners from around the world. In order to put the happiness and safety of that community first, we've designed a set of guidelines, outlined below, to ensure the best possible experience for everyone who uses our platform. Need more info? Find our frequently asked questions in our Help Center, or reach out anytime at tictail.com/ask.

Customer service guidelines

Products prohibited on Tictail

Content prohibited on Tictail

Tictail's marketplace

Brand and presentation of products

Can I choose to opt out of the marketplace?

Can my shop be removed or locked without advance notice?

Customer service guidelines

To help ensure that every Tictail shopper has an exceptional shopping experience, we've organized a set of guidelines that we ask every Tictail shop owner to adhere to in order to continue selling on our platform.

As a member of our community, we ask that you:

  • Make sure products are accurately represented with high-quality images and detailed descriptions that include all necessary specifications (sizing, color, etc.).
  • Set accurate expectations for each order with respect to delivery time.
  • Help shoppers stay informed about the status of their orders by marking them as shipped and providing a valid tracking number.
  • Notify shoppers if you're unable to complete an order, and process a refund as quickly as possible.
  • Respond to messages and emails from shoppers in a timely manner. A shopper should receive a reply within seven days, but the faster the response time, the better. (For reference, here's how to use Tictail Talk and add a valid contact email.)
  • Establish Terms & Conditions and offer a return policy.
             - By EU law, you are required to offer a minimum of 14 days for a customer to return a purchased item.
             - You must offer a full refund if an item is faulty, not as described, or doesn't function as it's supposed to.
  • Attempt to resolve any disputes directly with shoppers themselves. In some cases, if you are unable to reach a resolution, Tictail will intervene to help resolve the dispute.

A few additional tips for great service:

  • Use product level shipping to ensure the lowest possible shipping rate is shown to shoppers.
  • Use our pre-written Terms & Conditions, which will ensure that your shop adheres to all necessary laws and recommendations.
  • Be conscientious about communications with shoppers. Respect the wishes of those who would prefer not to receive promotions—and in the event of an unresolvable dispute, ask us for help.

A note on protecting shoppers' privacy:

You may receive email addresses and/or physical addresses of shoppers, and other sensitive information as a result of a transaction. This information may not be sold or used for any purpose other than fulfilling the order received on Tictail. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

Products prohibited on Tictail

At Tictail, we pride ourselves on the wide-ranging selection of products available through our community. But there are some products that we prohibit or restrict, for legal or safety reasons, or because they don't adhere to our values. Below is a list of products that fall under these categories.

 Animals - Live animals
- Endangered species
- Tictail observes and enforces the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (“CITES”) http://www.cites.org, which regulates the trade of endangered wildlife and fauna. Products in violation of CITES may not be sold.
- Items made from cat and dog parts or pelts
- Products made from the skin of seals
- Ivory or bones from ivory-producing animals
 Counterfeit products - Counterfeit, used, or second-hand counterfeit products
- If selling authentic products from established brands (such as Nike, Chanel, etc.), you should be able to provide proof of authenticity upon request.
 Get rich quick schemes - Investment opportunities or other services that promise high rewards
 Gift cards for external services or products e.g., iTunes, Amazon
 Goods requiring license to sell or acquire - Goods which require a license and registration for purchase may only be sold in shops if the shop owner complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Tictail cooperates with the authorities as required by law.
- Sales of Apple products are restricted to Apple Authorized Resellers.
 Human remains - Human remains or items made from human remains, except for human hair
 Hazardous materials, weapons, and other forms of explosives - Firearms, live ammunition, arrows, throwing stars, silencers, ammunition magazines/clips, tear gas, explosive material, knives (including but not limited to butterfly, switchblade, concealed/disguised, fighting, or otherwise offensive), or other weapons intended to cause bodily harm 
- Non-functioning replicas, toys, antiques or decorations resembling weapons may be sold. Knives and other sharpened equipment primarily intended for use in cooking, crafts/construction or hunting may be sold.
 Illegal services - Gambling
- Products or services that are illegal in the EU, or in your local jurisdiction
 Multi-level marketing - Pyramid schemes, network marketing, and referral marketing programs, etc.
 Offensive goods - Goods or materials that promote, encourage, or incite violent acts, intolerance or hatred may not be sold or promoted on Tictail. This includes products or goods that defame or slander any person or groups of people based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, or other factors.
 Services that do not deliver a physical or digital product  
 Sexually explicit products or pornography

- We acknowledge that it's often difficult to define what's considered mature content (much of which is allowed on Tictail), and what’s considered pornography (which isn't allowed). Products that are sex-positive and that celebrate eroticism and the human body can be sold on Tictail; anything that displays or encourages exploitation and/or the objectification of people cannot. We reserve the right to remove any product that we feel falls under the latter category.
- Product images may not be overly sexual, show excessive amounts of skin, or focus unnecessarily on body parts. Thinly veiled cover-ups may not affect our determination of whether an image qualifies as nude or pornographic.
- Fine art nude photography sold in shops may contain non-pornographic depictions of nude body parts, within reason.
- Prostitution, or sale of other services of sexual manner (streaming, live shows or other)

 Social media activity - Sales of Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, and other forms of social media activity
 Stolen goods - Stolen goods may not be sold. Tictail cooperates with the authorities as required by law.
 Tobacco, medicines, or illegal drugs - Tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid
- Controlled substances, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, designer drugs, research chemicals, drug making ingredients, and cannabidiol (CBD) oil
- Drug paraphernalia (e.g., vaporizers, bongs, grinders, hookahs)
- Substances designed to mimic illegal drugs (e.g., salvia, kratom)
 Trademarked items - Trademarked items or items for which you do not own the intellectual property rights or the explicitly authorized right to resell
 Used cell phones - Used cell phones may not be sold, due to being classified as a high risk business.
 Used products - We discourage sales of used products unless they are considered vintage. A vintage product is one that is at least 25 years old.
- If used products are sold, they must be clearly and conspicuously designated as such in the product description. Suitable descriptions such as "Secondhand," "Used," "Refurbished," and "Vintage" may be used.
- List the details of the product's true condition regardless of whether any flaws are easily observable or not. Also provide information about the product's repair history.
- Shop owners may not provide fraudulent, misleading, or incorrect descriptions or photographs of used products, but photographs may depict the product as new or in original packaging, as long as it is otherwise clear that the product is used.
 Video game or virtual world accounts or credits - In-game or virtual world currency
- Gaming or virtual world accounts, characters or items
 Virtual currency or stored value e.g., Bitcoin
 Other - If Tictail is presented with specific cases that do not fall within the guidelines described above, but in Tictail's reasonable view breaches established moral and ethical boundaries, Tictail reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the account.

Tictail reserves the right to remove any product or brand that does not fit the criteria listed above, and to add further restrictions as needed.

Content prohibited on Tictail

When creating and merchandising your shop, you have the ability to upload photos, create a username and profile, write text and Talk messages, and generate other forms of user-facing content. As a member of our community, you agree that that this content will not be:

  • In violation of intellectual property rights, including but not limited to:

- Counterfeit or replica
- Trademark infringement
- Copyright infringement

Note: Photographs are protected by applicable copyright laws. Tictail's copyright and other intellectual property enforcement is governed by our Infringement Policy.

  • Abusive, threatening, defamatory, or harassing.
  • In violation of a user's privacy in any way.
  • False, deceptive, or misleading.
  • Racist, obscene, or viewed as hateful.

If Tictail encounters specific cases that do not fall within the guidelines described above—but in Tictail's reasonable view, breaches established moral and ethical boundaries—Tictail reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the account.

If you see anything on Tictail that violates these rules, you can report it to us by following the instructions outlined in our Infringement Policy.

Tictail's marketplace

We love that Tictail's marketplace represents the talent, diversity, and wide-ranging ambitions of our global community—and that it's the best destination for shoppers to discover the world's top emerging brands. Tictail's core focus is to provide unique products to its shoppers, with an emphasis on women's fashion and home decor. Key sub-categories are:


  • Clothing
  • Jewelry/Watches
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Beauty Products

Home Decor:

  • Art
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Home Accents
  • Kitchen Products
  • Electronics

While anyone can build a shop on the Tictail platform (and subsequently receives a shop in our marketplace), not all products are eligible to appear in featured collections or blog stories, which are curated to focus on the categories listed above. Below we'll answer frequently asked questions about the ways in which we curate what's featured on Tictail.com.

Brand and presentation of products

To be considered for placement in Tictail's marketplace, please be sure:

  • Your product descriptions are detailed and contain all necessary information to describe each item (e.g., material, origin, measurements, care instructions, etc.).
  • You've included a minimum of two product images per item.
  • Each product image is of high quality, preferably featured as a lifestyle image. We do not accept low-quality stock photos, photos taken from Google Images, photos of similar products, or renderings of product.
  • Your products are categorized under the correct marketplace categories.
  • You have personalized your shop with a high-quality cover photo.
  • Your "About" section tells your brand's story and describes your shop in detail.
  • Your shop's name is clear, concise, and easily decipherable.
  • You've considered offering international shipping. Although it's not required, shipping to multiple countries allows your products to reach a wider audience.


Can I choose to opt out of the marketplace?

Everyone who launches a custom shop on Tictail automatically receives a shop in our marketplace. (Certain brands and products—chosen based on the criteria outlined above—may also be featured in curated collections and blog stories on the site.) Since launching a shop on Tictail is inextricably linked to a presence in our marketplace, it is not possible to opt out.

Want more information about the benefits of selling in our marketplace? Read more here.

Can my shop be removed or locked without advance notice?

Yes. Although unlikely, there are several circumstances under which a shop may be removed or locked without prior notice. Please note that this will occur only in the case of specific flagrant or repeated behaviors, including:

  • Selling products that are prohibited on Tictail.
  • Having unfulfilled orders, at least one of which is past due by 30 days.
  • Having received complaints from multiple shoppers that a product was not shipped.
  • Having received complaints from multiple shoppers that you are unresponsive to their emails and Talk messages regarding order status, refunds, or disputes.
  • Failure to pay commission fees.
  • Violating terms of the agreement outlined in our customer service guidelines.
  • Not having logged in to your account in 60 days or longer (read more here).

There is also the unlikely possibility that your shop has been mistakenly deemed fraudulent by our system. If you believe this to be the case,
contact our support team to reactivate your account.


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