What are Tictail reviews?

Not only are reviews an indispensable tool for building your brand’s reputation, they’re also an important factor in ensuring that Tictail remains a safe and trustworthy shopping destination. With reviews, we’re looking to help shoppers purchase from emerging brands around the world with confidence—and strengthen connections and communication within our community while we’re at it.


How do reviews work?

After placing an order, shoppers are asked to rate the experience on a scale of one to five stars, five being the best possible rating and one being the lowest. Shoppers are able to review an order as soon as the estimated delivery time has passed, and up to 60 days after the order was placed. They are able to edit the review during this time, as well.

As a reminder: Estimated delivery time is calculated according to the date you mark an order as shipped, and the maximum number of days specified under a selected shipping option.

Here's what the review page looks like for shoppers:


Where can I find the reviews I've received?

Reviews are displayed on individual order pages, which can be found in your dashboard under the Orders section. When you open an order page, you’ll find the review directly below the shipping details.

Your average rating will be displayed on your marketplace page as soon as you have at least three reviews.


What are the benefits of reviews?

Reviews are a great way to showcase how much your customers love your products and value your customer service. Positive reviews are a powerful tool for attracting new shoppers by showing them that they can purchase from you confidently, even if they’re thousands of miles away. And, on top of it all, the process of giving and receiving reviews strengthens communication between shoppers and shop owners, helping you provide even better service to your customers.


Will reviews be shown on my custom shop?

No. Reviews will only appear on your marketplace page.


Is it possible to remove a review?

No. Because building trust is a top priority, Tictail won't hide, edit, or delete a review unless it violates our Terms of Service.


What happens if I receive a bad review?

If you receive a review you feel is undeserved, we recommend using Tictail Talk to contact the shopper directly to resolve the issue. Since shoppers are able to edit their review up to 60 days after the date of purchase, the person who left the review may choose to change it after speaking with you.


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