What happened to the Custom Domain app?

In the past, customers who wanted to connect their own domains to their custom shops could do so through an app called Custom Domain. Now, after receiving feedback from those customers, we’ve decided to include this app as part of the Tictail Plus package, which combines some of our most highly requested professional features. 

I already have the Custom Domain app. How will this affect me?

The app will continue to exist, function and cost as before for those customers who currently have it installed. We do highly recommend upgrading to Tictail Plus to gain access to other powerful new features, including Facebook tracking and more detailed Insights information. However, this is entirely optional.

If I upgrade to Plus and later decide to downgrade, will I still have access to the Custom Domain app?

No, whenever the Custom Domain app is uninstalled at any point in the future—whether manually, through an upgrade or due to failed billing attempts—the feature will only be available to reinstall through the Plus plan.


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