Adding Facebook Tracking to your custom shop

Facebook Tracking is available as part of our Plus plan.

By adding a Facebook Pixel to your Tictail shop you'll be able to report conversions, build custom audiences, and launch better advertising campaigns on Facebook. With Tictail's built-in Facebook Pixel support we'll automatically report visits, product views, and completed checkouts on your custom shop to Facebook.

Before we begin, make sure you have removed any existing Facebook Pixel in your custom shop's theme code, if you know that you have manually implemented one previously.

Next up will be creating your Facebook Pixel, and locating the Facebook Pixel ID. If you already got your Pixel ID at hand, skip straight to adding the Facebook Pixel to your custom shop.

Creating a Facebook pixel

  1. Go to the Facebook Pixel tab in Facebook's Ads Manager.
  2. Click "Create a Pixel" and follow the instructions until you've created your pixel.
  3. Congratulations! You now have a Facebook Pixel.

With your pixel created, look for the following information in your Facebook Pixel tab. Copy the number displayed after "Pixel ID".

Adding the Facebook Pixel to your custom shop

Now you're ready to add a Facebook Pixel to your shop! Here's how:

1. In the Tictail dashboard, head over to to Settings > General.

2. Find the External tracking section. Input your Facebook Pixel ID in the Facebook Pixel field, and click Save.

Congratulations! Your Facebook Pixel is now set up and will automatically report your custom shop's traffic and conversions to Facebook.

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