Thank your shoppers & followers!

Thank followers for their interest

When a shopper followers your shop, they're showing a genuine interest in you, your products and your brand's story. Express your gratitude by sending your followers periodic updates when you've added products to your shop, when you are having a sale, or simply just to thank them for their interest in your brand! It could be as simple as:

"Hey you,

In appreciation of your support, we wanted to send you a promo code to use in our shop. We hope you enjoy! Thanks again for following our shop and look forward to seeing you around soon.


{your shop}"

Show your gratitude to shoppers

When shipping a product to a shopper, it's great to include a quick note thanking the customer for their purchase. A hand-written message adds a personal touch to the package that will delight your customer, and bring them back a second, or third time around. It's as easy as writing "Thanks for your support, {shopper name}." on a branded post card or cute stationary!





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