Reach more global shoppers

Offer international shipping 

Tictail shoppers will only be able to browse and discover brands that ship to their own country. That meaning, if you don't have a USA shipping option, American shoppers won't see your products on To reach a wider audience, we urge you to ship your products internationally. That way, your products will reach the eyes of a larger, more global audience of shoppers!

You can add as many shipping options and destinations as you'd like in your shop. We recommend creating a different shipping option for each shipping region that requires a different shipping price.

To make it simple: just create a different shipping option for each country or destination you wish to ship to.

In more detail: If you want to ship to the entire world for one standard price, just enter "World" in the "ship to" field in your shipping settings. If shipping to France costs more than shipping to Sweden, you should create two different shipping options. Know that when you enter a country in the “Ship to” field of the shipping option, it will only be visible to shoppers that select that country as their shipping destination in your shop's checkout.

To estimate your international shipping costs, we recommend using a calculator such as UPS’s, or consulting your country’s local expert.  

There are sometimes country-specific import and export regulations that may impact shipping to certain destinations. UPS’s Country Regulations tool will help you navigate the complex system of customs.  

If you have any specific questions about setting up your shipping options in your Tictail dashboard, learn more here.

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