Branding 101

It’s important that your brand identity is well represented on your brand page on To ensure your personality shineson your page, we encourage you to add a customized logo and cover image to your shop.


The best approach to logo design? Keep it simple. A brand logo should have a bold, clean, and memorable graphic or character type, be effective with or without color, and easily scale. Don’t get too bogged down in symbolism; your logo should be quickly understood by everyone and welcoming to shoppers.

If you don’t yet have a brand logo, there are a few services such as 99designs ( that you can use to create one for your brand.

Tip: logos with a white background look best on

Cover photo 

Your cover photo will be displayed underneath your logo on your brand page. You can use any kind of stock or brand imagery here, but we suggest an image that complements your logo in terms of color and style and well represents your brand personality.  

Here are some examples of images that work well as cover photos:

  • Your brand’s inspiration
  • Your workshop
  • You, creating the products
  • Models, using or wearing your products 

We recommend using images with at least 1350 pixels in width.

Here are some examples of brands with a logo and cover photo:


Cornelia Webb:


Wray Collection:


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