4 tips for Valentine's Day

Hello, sweet shopkeepers! The calendar tells us it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, so here are four ideas for celebrating (or just because you feel like doing something awesome) on the 14th of February.

1. If you sell something that could make the perfect gift for a loved one, don't be shy - tell the world. A great example is this lovely newsletter from A Box From with a smashing offer - including free shipping!valentines day deal

2. Host a giveaway on Facebook in the spirit of luurv.facebook giveaway

3. Give back. Repost images from three of your favorite Instagram accounts and let people know why you're inspired by them. Don't forget to tag them in the post.followers

4. Gifting. Send one of your products to someone special. It could be a blogger you admire, one of your most loyal customers, or a brand that you'd love to collaborate with in the future.gifting for bloggers

xoxo Tictail

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