Write great product descriptions

There are two important reasons to write great product descriptions:

1. To engage and inform your shoppers

2. To improve SEO, or the discoverability of your products in search engines


Here are five tips on how to write the best, most searchable descriptions:

1. It's all in the details

Give shoppers as much information as possible, while of course staying concise. Tell them why they'll love this product and try to preemptively answer any questions they might have. 

Descriptions should include: 

- materials used
- measurements, fit, or dimensions
- origin
- care instructions
- how it works
- what to pair with it

From Swedish fashion brand Mes Dames.

3. More than a description - a story

Tell the story behind your product! Personal anecdotes help your customers connect with these objects. Shoppers want to know why you created the product, what makes it special, and why they should fall in love with it. Just remember to keep it short and sweet!

4. Optimize your titles

Name your products something that shoppers might search for in Google. It's ok to use cute or flowery language in descriptions, but stick to hard keywords like "pants, jacket, ring, couch, heel" with great modifiers like "palazzo pants, bomber jacket, turquoise ring, plush couch, stiletto heel" in order to increase your chances of ranking higher in search engines. 

5. Mix it up

Boost your ranking in search results by using different adjectives to describe the same product. For example, title the top "JUPTER SHIRT beige" but include keywords like "womenswear, neutral, silk, billowy top, etc." in the description. Shoppers use different words when searching for products, so try to think up what words someone might use to discover this product and include them in your description.

A pro tip is to check out Google's Keyword Planner, which helps give you insight into what customers are searching for.

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