5 must-have Tictail apps

Here, Caroline Hjerpe one of Tictail's beloved ambassador shares her top 5 must-have apps with you!

1. Recover abandoned carts - $7.50/month

"This app lets you customize the email sent to customers who have added your product to the cart but haven't yet purchased. Tictail already sends an email like this on your behalf; with the app, however, you're not only able to customize the email content, but also view which region the shopper lives in, if they came back to see their cart again and if they completed their purchase."

2. Realtime Currency Converter - Free

"This app automatically converts your product prices to your customer's preferred currency. At the bottom of the page, a pop-up will appear asking your shopper if they want to convert the prices in your shop. The app is really intuitive and automatically detects which country the shopper is in."

3. Discounts - Free

"Every shoppers loves a good discount and it's also a great way to your boost sales!  Tip! You can also use the discounts feature to offer gift cards. Just create a product called "Gift Card $50," for example and, each time someone places an order, add a personal promo code with the name of the person that the gift is for. Then all you have to is create a "money off discount" for the value the gift card was purchased for."

4. Sales Trendlines -  $1/month

"This app gives you insightful metrics like your best-selling products and overall sales during a certain period of time."

5. Follow plus - $2/month

"I got over 25 new followers in just one week after adding this app! This pop-up window prompts any visitor to follow your shop. You can customize the message that appears in the pop-up; I love to offer new followers a special discount that you send via email as soon as they've signed up. Follow Plus also lets you download a list of all your followers' email addresses (those who sign up in pop-up window plus everyone who have followed your shop on Tictail.com) which you can use to send updates and newsletters to your fans."

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