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"When I started my business, I didn’t know anything about marketing myself on social media, getting sales online or gaining popularity amongst the "it-people." Now, a year and a half later, I have some tips on how to get your products out there -- and one of my main tricks is ambassadors." - Caroline Hjerpe 

1. Boost your brand’s “cool-factor” If influencers are wearing or using your product, everyone else will want to as well. Tagging you in posts will increase your followers, and surely impact your sales.

2. Demonstrate how your product can be styled or used Ambassadors will place your products with beautiful outfits or great interior design to give people inspiration. Let's face it, we all get outfit and home design inspiration from social media these days; seeing your product in action allows shoppers to imagine themselves with your product and engage with your brand. 


3. Reach a bigger crowd, and become international Generally, you'll get the most sales from the country you live in. With ambassadors all over the world, however, you'll have a more international reach. If you haven't set up international shipping yet, click here for some tips!

How to find ambassadors:

Do some research on social networks (Instagram) where you can find people that will well represent your brand. Find someone that you think will be genuinely interested in working with you. Some examples are trending musicians, bloggers, Instagrammers, fashion magazine editors, journalists or one of your region's local personalities.

Pick a few people and hunt down their emails (often found in their bio on Instagram and in the contact section of their blog or website). You’ll be surprised to see what a little stalking can get you! ;) Shoot them an email or direct message via Instagram and offer them one (or more!) of your products. Then, strike a deal: exchange a product for a post on social media or a write-up on their blog. Encourage them to wear it and promote it at events. Just remember to be super straightforward with the influencers you decide to work with: the clearer you make your expectations, the better the results will be!

Always remember to stay flexible: you'll have to adapt to both the brand/influencer you are collaborating with and the channel where you think they will have the biggest impact (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email newsletter, events, etc.) 

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