Tictail Talk Tips

As an independent brand, your greatest challenge is time. We made Tictail Talk so you can focus on what really matters: creating your products, developing your business, and connecting with your shoppers. Plus, we know the importance of lowering the barrier between you and your shoppers and making you more accessible. Read more about how to take advantage of our favorite feature!

1. Respond promptly

We've found that the sooner your customer gets a response, the more likely they are to purchase (and purchase again & again...) Whether they contact you about a product, shipping update, or post-purchase follow-up, get back to them asap. It'll make all the difference.

FYI: If your shopper hasn't downloaded the Tictail mobile app, your message will automatically be sent by email. 

2. Get in touch often

We recommend communicating with your customers every one or two weeks; it can be as simple as sharing an image, new product or some promotional text. In Tictail Talk lets you to send updates and newsletters to groups of customers or followers with just one click! You'll never have to draft an email or deal with email lists ever again. 

3. Share discounts

One of the best features? Share a discount! With Tictail Talk, you can create a discount and share it with all of your followers and customers at the same time. If you haven't already, offer a discount to boost sales and engage customers!

4. Manage your orders & customers in one place

In the Tictail Talk feed, you can see all your orders and conversations in one place. Since you'll have a log of each conversation with each customer, you'll be able to tell if it’s a new or returning customer, someone that usually has a lot of questions, or a VIP you should treat to a special discount. 

5. Follow the order from start to finish

When you mark an order as shipped, your shopper will be able to follow the order from your studio to their front door. If you include tracking info in the "shipped" message, tracking details will be available to your shopper in Tictail Talk and they'll receive live updates and push notifications. 

Read more about how to get started with Tictail Talk here

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